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Redden Goods: Sustainable textiles for the home.




Katie Berman



I desire for Redden Goods to be a wholistic brand in thinking and practice. In the same way that I have a collection of secondhand clothing mixed with ethically made or handmade clothing in my closet, I want to offer home goods that are a balance of new, responsibly made products mixed with items that are produced with secondhand, found materials. Enter the Herstellen Collection.

While I find so much joy in getting a box full of newly processed yarns- clean and white and ready for my hands to put color upon them and weave them into a shiny, new textile- I am also struck with the desire to create goods from textiles and fabrics that already exist. "Responsibly made" doesn't just mean sourcing new supplies from ethical companies (as I do with all Redden Goods' supplies). It also means recycling.

Have you paid a visit to your local thrift shop lately? Crammed with racks and racks of clothing and odds and ends collecting dust. What are we going to do with all of that stuff? The answer isn't easy and a solution won't be quick. There are many avenues we may need to take to help address this issue of over consumption, but one way I'm dealing with it is through this recycled line. 

Please welcome the first and primary member of the Herstellen Collection this year-- the Binden Rug! Made from recycled denim that I source from local organizations in Durham (like the Durham Rescue Mission), this rug is an avenue in which I will attempt to help relieve the inventory that is a direct result of our culture's over consumption of fast fashion, while at the same time bringing balance to my already existing collection. As I explore this line, there may be other materials used to create limited edition rugs , such as the Touw Rug made from cotton rope I recently sourced from TROSA Thrift. Outside of that, expect to see all of the up-cycled denim things!

 Something old, something new. We all need a healthy balance.