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Redden Goods: Sustainable textiles for the home.

What Redden Goods is all about....


What Redden Goods is all about....

Katie Berman

red + den /'redn/ : verb from Old Dutch language meaning to save or redeem.

Holy smokes, this is happening! Redden Goods is officially launching for the entire world to see! Welcome to our very first blog post.

Redden Goods has been a dream forming in my head and heart for quite some time now. The past few years that I’ve lived in Durham, NC have been a whirlwind of life change filled with the constant nagging from within to continue creating with a purpose. I am a textile artist and addicted to the need to get my hands dirty.  From dyeing to sewing, screen-printing to weaving, knitting to…knitting, I love it all. I can’t help myself.

Some of this inward nagging is rooted in my growing awareness of how much of our American life is produced outside of our country, most of the time at the expense of human life. I wanted to be a part of the movement that is reviving textile production in the US and bringing business back to well-made, ethically produced goods at the local level. With that passion in mind, Redden Goods was born.

I purchase all of my fibers and supplies from American companies that are producing their goods ethically, deal with those fibers in a sustainable way through natural dyeing, and donating 15% of all profits made through Redden Goods to Not For Sale – an organization that protects people and communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery. 

Using a portion of Redden Goods’ profits in this manner brings the purpose of this brand full circle – made in a free world to help make a free world. It’s also a part of how Redden Goods got its name. Redden is the Old Dutch word for “save,” “rescue,” or “redeem.”  My hope is that Redden Goods will do just that – save and rescue not only myself, but others as well.

I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. Where it may take all of us.

I’m Katie Berman. Welcome to Redden Goods.